Simulacrum is a performance by dance and theater company Winter Guests which tells the mythical-feeling life story of its main dancer – 77-year-old, Japanese-born Flamenco legen Shōji Kojima.


At Andy Cavatorta's studio we built projectors for the performance. Both machines contain tiny paper cuts in motion. The overlapping of many layers of paper and their movement generated by motor controlled mechanisms are responsible for creating a subtle landscape.


Videos of the performance will be uploaded soon.

Creative Team //


Directed and choreographed by: Alan Lucien Øyen

Performers: Shōji Kojima and Daniel Proietto

Creative Associate: Andrew Wale

Set Design: Åsmund Færavaag and Andy Cavatorta

Lighting Design: Martin Flack

Sound Design: Gunnar Innvær

Kabuki Choreography and Music: Kanjuro Fujima

Illustrator: Nicole Skibola

Studio Assistance: João Costa, Michelle Chung, Marina Litvinskaya and Yvette King