box king

Rhythm Box King is a work in progress for the musician Wally De Backer, known by the name of Gotye. The project is being developed at Andy Cavatorta's studio.


It consists of a network of programmed Raspberry Pis that can control various different drum machines from a single computer. Because of the different nature of each machine – digital and analog – the network has to be flexible enough in order to adapt to each drum machine's idiosyncrasies – a self-organizing network that can generate sounds that would otherwise be impossible to produce, locked behind limited interfaces. I have contributed to the software development and system assembly.


Videos of the experiments can be seen below.

Credits //


Concept: Wally De Backer

Project Management: Aaron Rosenblum

Software Development: Andy Cavatorta and João Costa

Circuit Design and Engineering: Mike Walters and August Worley