These works were developed during the intensive workshop of drawing and conceptualization, Procedência e Propriedade (Origin and Property).


The program – lasting approximately 400 hours, over a 5-week period – of continuous and directed working, proposes a shift in the confrontation of each one and their own limits. The suggested exercises emphasized the perception of visual issues and its verbalization, the development of self-criteria evaluation and the ability of creating self-imposed tasks and planning work processes.


All works created in this program were related to an specific object for each student. The following drawings are related to a hoist (a device consisting of a set of pulleys of different diameters used for lifting heavy loads).


Over 500 drawings were made, yet they're not all here.

This workshop was ministered by the following faculty and artists: Charles Watson, Eduardo Berliner, Fred Carvalho, Solange Borges, Cadu e Arthur Chaves.