sea and sun

'Now, Icarus, listen carefully! Keep to the middle way. If you fly too low, the water will clog your wings; if you fly too high, they will be scorched by fire. Fly between sea and sun.'


These are the instructions given by Daedalus to his son before they attempted to escape Crete. The craftsman had constructed wings from wax and feathers so that he and his son could fly over the sea. In order to achieve completion, Daedalus warned Icarus to maintain control over his flight, as it was a fragile tool that kept him on air.


This performance took place in the Museum of Moving Image in Queens, NY. It consists of two acts. In the first, I whittled pencils, trying to leave only the graphite  attached to a small piece of wood; it was the making of a fragile tool that was used on act two.


The second act consisted of the encounter between me and Brett Stiller – with whom I collaborated with. We set up a sheet of paper of approximately five meters on the ground. Then I approached him with the most fragile pencil I had and said the same sentence Daedalus said to Icarus. His objective was to draw a single line in the middle of the paper, from one end to the other.


When the graphite broke, the performance was over. The drawing is the result of this event.