2017 –
Cambridge, MA

Realized as part of research conducted in the Mediated Matter Group at MIT Media Lab ︎

A selection of studies done for the development of the Silk Pavilion. These include processes and investigative experiments that look into new forms of fabricating thread-based structures and the required mechanisms. 

Research Team ︎
João Costa, Christoph Bader︎ , Sunanda Sharma︎, Felix Kraemer︎, Susan Williams︎, Jean Disset︎ and Neri Oxman ︎
Frames constructed for the Broken Nature exhibition at the Trienale di Milano in 2019. Thread was deposited by a CNC machine including custom tools and controls.


Experiments with the Bombyx mori silkworm looking into different stimuli and their effect on the deposition of silk and construction of the cocoon structure.

6”x6”x6” CUBES


Investigation of three-dimensional thread-based structures. Here are some models that present different distribution of density within structures constrained by the boundaries of a cube.
The structures were built by a robotic arm and a CNC machine and consisted of a single silk thread. The toolpath and tools for achieving these results were all part of the research process and can be seen in the figures.


by Christoph Bader
Cambridge, MA