Cambridge, MA
Realized as part of research project conducted in the Mediated Matter Group at MIT Media Lab ︎

This experiment is part of an ongoing research with honeybees to better understand how they react to different stimuli and environments by challenging the traditional structure of the Langstroth hive.

The setup consists of a polycarbonate cube with a prepared motor rensponsible for rotating a main axis that serves as support for the honeybees to deposit wax and construct their honeycombs. Along a period of approximately one month, the axis was periodically rotated causing the bees to modify their structure and adapt to the new settings of their enclosure.

A camera recorded the behavior and movement of the bees while a rotary encoder stored the history of the angles in which the axis was stopped at. Further interpration and analysis of the data is still undergoing.

Research Team ︎
João Costa, Ren Ri , Jean Disset︎, Christoph Bader ︎ and Neri Oxman ︎




Camera feed ︎

360 Scan ︎︎

Z-Axis Scan ︎
Palo Alto, CA