Adaptable Meshes
Cambridge, MA
Realized as part of research project conducted in the Mediated Matter Group at MIT Media Lab ︎

Adaptable Meshes is an alternative method of developing fiber-based meshes that are the result of ongoing research with the Bombyx mori silkworm done by the group and explored previously in the Silk Pavilion. It consists of a system that uses a heat bonding thread comprised of a polyester core coated in PLA that is deposited by a custom end effector responsible for laying the thread and creating anchor points by heating up and fusing the threads together. This research shows how we can reduce the complexity of the scaffold while increasing the ability to create anchor points within the mesh itself, allowing for a more intricate and adaptable behavior of the system.

Research Team ︎
João Costa, Felix Kraemer︎ , Christoph Bader ︎Jean Disset︎ and Neri Oxman ︎

Link to Full Paper ︎



The custom end-effector can be attached to fabrication systems such as CNC machines or robotic arms. It is responsible for heating up the PLA coating of the thread and fusing it to previously laid out thread, therefore creating connection points. The tool is designed to be in a constant “on” state–meaning it is always heating up the thread–allowing for connections to be made at any stage of the fabrication and releasing the necessity of having to track where existing threads are in order to fuse them together.


Toolpath simulation

by Christoph Bader
Palo Alto, CA